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My Priorities

Solve the homelessness in Fremont and Create more affordable housing

Cut through traffic

COVID-19 Mitigation

Create Safe Schools for our Kids

        ➠ Better Pay for our Teachers
        ➠ Free School Lunches for kids that need it!

Roman has helped pass laws in two states to benefit people with spinal cord injuries. Passing the Roman Reed spinal cord injury research law in California and Alabama a version of. The two most blue and red states possible. We passed our law for research for the greater good!


STEM Funding For Our People

Our law produced, the Asterias Trials headquartered in Fremont, CA, America’s FIRST FDA approved human clinical trials with hESC Stem Cells. Our funded research of pioneer Dr. Hans Keirstead resulted in paralyzed people getting back the use of their arms. We created jobs from blue-collar building of labs and maintenance to white-collar scientists and post doc students. 295P reviewed medical breakthroughs from Roman’s law alone. As a patient advocate I had helped pass California proposition 71 California Institute of regenerative medicine CIRM. Which funded over $6 billion of research and has 54 human clinical trials going on right now with stem cells.

But both of these laws are now OUT OF FUNDING because of politics.

There is zero, $0 investment in new funding for stem cell research currently coming from the leader California. That is a travesty that stem cell research is not being funded anymore. As CIRM Just announced they are accepting no more grants requests to research cures. Lack of stem cell research funding in our state must change. I will make sure that it does. This investment in Research can find cures for cancer, diabetes, paralysis and even blindness.

STEM Research Jobs For Our People

California proposition 71 and the Roman Reed spinal cord injury act combined to produce over 94,000 jobs here in California. Roman’s Law paid back our State – $7 seven dollars for every $1 dollar that was spent from the state coffers we returned profit for our State and hope for our patients and people caring for them.

Lead the effort to STOP Climate Change