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Values You Believe In

You need a Councilperson that will support your ideas, fight for the needs of your community and earn your respect. For someone who truly cares for your community, look no further than Roman!

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United By A Common Goal

I am Roman Reed running for Fremont City Council District-6!

I was born to help others. And raised here in our District of Fremont!

Seeing the social injustice going on and the lack of leadership from the top. It impells and empowers me to act.

This is my way of helping, of leading and of fighting social injustice for my community to the best of my abilities. Improved Schooling, Cutting traffic, increased safety and STEM in our high-tech industrial community.

The son of Don C. Reed, local 2X Time Horner junior high school teacher of the year, the son of my dearly recently departed and hero beloved Mom Gloria Jean Vega Reed, Fremont unified school district special ed educational specialist for over 25 years

The brother of UNLV Athletic Director DESIREE REED-FRANCOIS, the only Latina female athletic director at a major football university in America!

I am a graduate of John F. Kennedy, a graduate of Chabot Junior College and a graduate from the University of California at Berkeley.

I’m currently  an adjunct Professor at Singularity University.

I have started leading stem cell research programs at the University of California at UC Irvine with The Roman Reed research program. And Stanford University, The Stanford partnership for spinal cord injury repair.

To being named the Stem Cell Person of the Year Award for the entire world. To starting America’s 1st, Human Clinical trials with hESC Human Embryonic stem cell research.

To starting the Roman Reed spinal cord injury research act in California. My own California law that funded leading stem cell research in California and America and made eight dollars for every one dollar that we spent. Being a leader in a Blue State.

To starting the TJ Atchinson spinal cord injury research program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Funding major research into the huge problem of mostly African Americans – Sickle-Cell Anemia. And spinal cord repair and much more. Being a leader in a Red State.

I have made a difference.

I have the experience, with eight years as Fremont Parks and Recreation Commissioner and over 10 years as Fremont City Planning Commissioner.

My children go to school here and I want this place to be as safe and informative as it was growing up here.

Having grown up as a local sports star. I know what it takes to win, lead people and make our community proud.

I will fight for you for a better tomorrow.

Let me help you with your local problems. I will do everything that I can to make a difference in a positive way.

You have my word.

Please vote for Roman Reed for Fremont City Council District-6!

Carpe Diem,

Roman Reed
Candidate for Fremont City Council, District 6